About this project

We are Manuela Hillmann, Johannes Roth and Marc Thalberg.

During the summer of 2017, something virtually unthinkable, unbelievable and almost unimaginable – especially for Munich – happened to us. Well, not quite unimaginable. It had been a secret dream of ours for years and we have spent many a night envisioning a space for creating and nurturing contemporary art and culture.

And suddenly, here we were. Being offered a huge and empty former pharma production site (650 square meters) just on the outskirts of Munich, right where the beautiful landscape starts.

We have dedicated all our time, creativity and efforts over the last two years to resurrect and renovate this beautiful site with the help of its owner and two lovely and dedicated craftsmen. We have created spaces and places for you to create. We are proud to announce that part of the project is now completed. Another part is still a work in progress. Over the past two years, we have learnt to be patient. Dreams and projects grow and develop at their own pace. Much like any good piece of art.

Our first goal is to offer these creative work spaces to emerging and established artists and professionals across any cultural, artistic and creative field. Four ateliers have been rented out already and in the coming weeks, we will be opening up two additional ateliers/office spaces, our co-working area with 8 desk spaces housed underneath the beautiful roof gable structure as well as our communal kitchen. In addition, a large atelier will become available within the next months, offering a shared work space for 2 to 3 individual artists or an art collective.

If you are looking for an inspiring place to do inspired work, we look forward to hearing from you!